Rise of The Runelords: Varisia's Angels

A Heroes Work is Never Done

The Journey Home

With the would be Stone Giant Warlord, Mokmurian slain and The People returning to their ancient lands led by Conna the Wise, we too begin the long journey home from the Hook Mountains.

Finding a still live horse amongst the larder for Athene, we descend the great stone stair and travel overland back towards Sandpoint.

We have many hours to fill and do so by recounting all that has happened in the few short months since Goblin Night with our newest companion Moriava.

So much has happened, so much has changed, it’s hard to believe. In fact, few would believe what we have seen and achieved. Had I heard our tale in an Inn I would laugh at the Bard for his fanciful exaggerations. It makes me wonder at the legends of real heroes from the past, perhaps there is more truth to those stories too…

Retelling our story together, reflecting on the chain of events that we have endured, remembering adventures sometimes terrible; glorious; even amusing; sometimes all three at once; I look around at my companions, even the new and the beastial, and find myself flooded with a sense of respect and security. We are a much more than just friends now, we are family. Yes we bicker and fight. Yes we don’t always agree. But we have always been there for each other in ways that few could understand, particularly our enemies…

And so, though we go now into even greater peril, I am ever more convinced we will endure. For now we know the architect of all this horror; a man if man he still be, the*Runelord of Greed*, an ancient Thassalonian power from ages past, returned to conquer GolorianKarzoug!

We arrive back in Sandpoint to our accustomed welcome. Captain Trussk proffers a salute as we pass through the gate. Store owners and townsfolk wave, children trail along, daring to pluck at fur and feather where they can.

It seems that Moriava is well known herself. I’m surprised that this is the first we’ve seen of her. I guess there can be no denying her credentials now.

We head straight to The Rusty Dragon to unload and clean up before meeting with the cities officials. Ameiko greets us warmly as the ‘the Heroes of Sandpoint’ and shares a particularly fond embrace with Moriava, Athene mumbling something about ‘the real heroes of sandpoint’.

I haven’t even unbuckled my armour when a bashful acolyte blunders in and asks us to attend Brother Zantuss at the Cathedral. We leave immediately, attending like all good ‘heroes’ do , to find The head priest, Sherriff Hemlock and Mayor Deveran waiting.

It seems that a massive sinkhole has engulfed the entrance to the ruins beneath Sandpoint, a pit that appeared around the time we defeated Mokmorian. Strange howls have been heard, not unlike those we ourselves once encountered below. The guard was sent to investigate… They haven’t returned.

Once the look on those three faces before us would have been a pleading look… Now it’s an expectant one.

Let’s go find those guards…



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