Rise of The Runelords: Varisia's Angels

The Gauntlet

Traps, Trolls, Tiny Villlains and Tiny Heroes.

Leaving Lamashtu’s temple, we arrive at the top of a curving tunnel lined with animal skins.

But something is amiss…
The skins flap gently.
Wide puncture marks dot the hides.
Athene and I reach out with our senses and detect an evil presence, lurking behind the walls, right where each skins hangs.

It’s a trap!

Signalling the others to hold position and prepare, I march loudly through the gauntlet.
Taunting those behind the walls, sure enough, two metal ransuer heads flash from flanking murder holes, obscured by the hides.
I’m ready for an attack but not fast enough to avoid both blades.

Ahead I can see the two entrances to where my assailants are hiding.
I surge forward and through a draped skin on the left.
Barreling into a dark musty cell, I find a huge, armoured Troll, pole arm still in hand, waiting for those behind me.

The creature releases its weapon with a bellow, turning tooth and claw upon me.
He’s not like those we faced before, larger, stronger.
He rends and tears with terrible force… but his momentum is short lived.
The cramped chamber is suddenly shoulder to shoulder with my allies, Wynter, an ever eager Babu and Moriava; with healing words just in time for me.

The troll goes down under a furious assault and we pile back into the main corridor.
Athene is still battling in the hidden chamber opposite but the others are now facing off against a very… different threat.

A short, crimson-scaled, draconic humanoid is fighting, nay holding its own against Moriava and her Roc!
So much so, that by the time I’ve stepped up to assist, the Kobold Champion has runs the cleric through with his spear!

The sudden loss of our new companion gives us new urgency and we swarm the diminutive warrior.
He puts up a spirited resistance but with the addition of an Archon now too, he cannot hope to hold against the tide of steel.

We follow the passage onwards to a stairway and down into an altogether different, even strange wing of the complex. Cut by a different hand, the smooth charcoal-grey stone has been engineered with rounded corners… To what purpose though, other than the aesthetic, we can only guess.

The foyer leads off in a number of directions, but all but one is blocked by fallen stone.

Taking the only possible way forward we find ourselves in a huge, high ceilinged hall, that is bare of adornment, but defended by a Hill Giant!

Charging in, I’m almost overcome by a strange sensation

Shaking it off, Athene and I form up against the brute.
The fight is cut short with a mighty blow from Athene, though not quite as short it appears, as my companions appear to be!



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