Rise of The Runelords: Varisia’s Angels.

From the idyllically peaceful coastal town of Sandpoint to an ancient lost city at the top of the world, Rise of the Runelords delves into the mysteries of Varisia’s ancient past. Millennia ago, the powerful empire of Thassilon ruled the land, dominated by despotic runelords who maintained their power through harnessing the power of rune magic. Thought gone forever, the working of Thassilon are not so far beneath the surface and one of the runelords plans a return to power. Only the brave adventurers stand in his way.

Led by gamemaster Xanoxan, this Journal chronicles the adventures of three bold adventurers as they play through the Pathfinder, Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path.

We are the crew that brought you Star Wars: Rogue Traders (May 2012 Campaign of the Month) and hope that you enjoy this story as much as we do!

Rise of The Runelords: Varisia's Angels

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