Rise of The Runelords: Varisia's Angels

Hard to Kill

Tunnels & Trolls

Flagstones wet with rain and ogre blood, we stand before a tower, rising above the Dam and blocking passage beyond. The door is nailed shut as if knocked down and rebuilt many times before. Perhaps survivors remain alive inside holding the monsters at bay? We can only hope…

It takes two determined shoulders to bring the door down, revealing a wide, square foyer. Overrun with vines and moss and mould, the debris strewn floor is also the scene of no less than four dead, mutilated and dismembered ogres. I wonder what manner of creature could do this and I remember the justice we rended at Fort Rannik.

So enemies of the Ogres lie within, but are they friends… or foes?

We stand poised at the doorway when a chorus of terrible howls seems to answer my thoughts.

Not a moment too soon, Mahd summons a greasy floor trap as four, towering, green skinned humanoids lumber in from recesses at the perimeter- Trolls!

Mahd screams at us to use fire on the creatures and summons a tumbling ball off flame.
The first two fall down in a heap at the edge of the magical slick and Athene pounces and hacks away as Mahd’s fireball rolls through them.

I ignite Redemption and turn on the other two, Wynter alongside me.
Swing and counter-swing and the troll goes down squealing at the flames.
Beside me Wynter pulls her prey down, tearing out its throat.

Athene steps back from two dead trolls… And one of them stands up again! Athene and Mahd go back to finish the job as the troll at Wynter’s feet also stands up again.

This time I drive the sword deep and hold it there until the flames consume it.

After a fruitless search of the room we stalk the damp corridors, through Troll nest and abandoned room until we come out onto a landing with a stunning outlook and a deadly drop where the floor has fallen way.
A door bears the graffiti Wet Pappa Grazuul, a villain’s title if I ever heard one… and head down a flight of steps into the dark (at least for me).

We emerge in a large antechamber, a rectangular room with three doors at the far end, the centre one blocked by an enormous pile of skulls. A large pool near fills the centre of the room, its murky depths carpeted with aquatic fungus.

Athene and I edge around on opposite sides and are rewarded for our suspicion. Bursting form the water is a huge, scaly, fish finned brute wielding an equally huge triden- Scrag Troll!

It turns on Athene, nearly impaling her with a single, driving blow. The weapon reverberates with a burning evil light over wielder and wounded alike… The perfect weapon for a creature who can regenerate I suppose…

Wynter looks about to leap in the muck but (thankfully) thinks better of it; that titan is not standing but swimming, deep water indeed!

I lunge out at the Scrag Troll but it’s still intent on finishing the Inquisitor.
Athene, bleeding badly looks around in confusion and fear … Then makes a decision and turns on her attacker with a blow that nearly slays the monster outright!

The Troll howls and dives back beneath the surface with a bloody gurgle.

In unison we immediately pour oil into the pool and with a touch from redemption turn the surface into a carpet of flame.
It won’t last long, but long enough to discourage any hasty return.



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