Rise of The Runelords: Varisia's Angels

Don't Throw Stones

Deputies, Missing Persons & Hostile Takeovers.


We’ve barely finished breakfast when Mayor Kendra Deveran and Sheriff Hemlock appear again to request our help. We are taken to the hurriedly fortified and reinforced Council Chambers where we join a well traveled elf woman named Shalelu Andosana; a local goblin hunter and scout. Sharing intelligence we learn that the goblins have also been raiding the many outlying villages and harassing travelers. She is obviously very capable and we would do well to gain from her insights.
Hemlock informs us he’ll be leading a recruiting drive to nearby settlements to bolster the guard and requests our assistance in helping police Sandpoint, or at least providing a public face of confidence to an unsettled populace.

A weary looking Shalelu returns to her rooms, also at the Rusty Dragon and we make plans to dine together. We then head out to slap backs, calm nerves and bolster morale.
I head to the southern most quarter. As the docklands of Sandpoint it proves not surprisingly colourful area, abound with rough sailors, rougher women, scrap scavenging animals, loud taverns and stony faced merchants. I am careful not to overstep my authority, instead employing my diplomatic skills to instil calm.

Returning to the Inn, Shalelu is already seated at our table with Ameiko and beckons us over. Boar still on the menu, we learn as much as we can about the various Goblin Tribes, seven in all and each with it’s own petty villains including cannibals, sorcerers and an infamous bugbear ranger.
One tribe, the Seven Teeth, piques our interest. Their leader has disappeared and they sound a likely source for these Goblin troubles, so we make plans to set out and scout their lair for answers.

The following morning however we are approached by one the Dragon’s servants; a distressed, elderly halfling called Banthana. She claims that Ameiko has not been seen since the night before so we rush to her rooms and desperately turn it over. There’s no evidence of anything untoward (perhaps that in itself is a clue) except for a crumpled note from Ameiko’s brother Tsuto. His message accuses their father of a role in Goblin Night and requests her attendance at the local Glassworks. Ameiko must have fallen afoul of her brother or possibly those he intends to oppose….

We gear up, collecting Shalelu on the way and march over to the harbour-side glass factory. On the way, Shae informs us that the Glassworks is owned by Ameiko’s family and her brother Tsuto is actually a half elf bastard of ill repute and local controversy. It is clear that Shae is suspicious of Tsuto… It appears we may be walking on broken glass…

We pad around to the service entrance where Athene reveals another of her many talents- lock picking! Not a skill I expected but much appreciated under the circumstances. Mhad concocts a surprisingly plausible story for our presence to bluff our foes (namely that we are chasing Goblins) and we make our way methodically through the rooms and corridors. It is dark and eerily abandoned, with only the ever present sound of the furnace getting louder as we push our way in. A few rooms show evidence of a fight but otherwise it is almost entirely without incident or clue… That is until we step into the main workshop.

Lit by the ominous fiery tones of the pumping furnace, the long manufacturing floor has been transfer into a Goblin ridden, charnel house. Workers lay strewn about, mutilated and partially consumed. Goblins toy with the bodies of their victims (one pouring molten glass on a pile of corpses). Enraged by the site, we burst in with spell, arrow and bolt!
Mhad and Shae move in cautiously choosing targets while the greenskins respond, hurling broken glass from atop the workbenches. Athene charges in but is quickly overwhelmed, green dirty hands grabbing her and amazingly, manhandling her overhead and dragging her to the great fire. Shae fires away desperately but in the poor light and smoke, misses her targets.

I make a silent prayer to serve both group and God and charge in.
Leaping atop the workbench I slay the first goblin with a single blow.
I see a look of fear on Athene’s face as she jostles for her life in the green throng.
Wielding my Earthbreaker in a wide swing, I smash through the first Goblin’s head with a wet crack, controlling the arc to crush a second’s rib cage.
I think finally I have redeemed myself.
Athene tears herself free from dead hands and the tables turn.

One remains but has the sense to run, much the pity. I cannot hope to follow at the pace that wretch takes off at, but Athene and Mhad take up pursuit….



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