Rise of The Runelords: Varisia's Angels

Hounds From Hell

Bastards, Fleeing Friends and Smoking Hounds

With Ripnugget slain, we scour the upper fort and divide the spoils before stopping to mend our wounds. As I finish my prayers, Shae points out oddities of this structure. Something is definitely amiss but but I think we are too exhausted to solve the mystery.

Eventually we take the smaller staircase down, arriving in a small, very un-goblinlike War Room.
On a table we find notes and maps referencing not only Goblin Night, but plans for a major invasion. They mention more outlying Goblin tribes and the Sinspawn from below Sandpoint and more disturbingly, the Demon in Tsutos’s Journal- Malfeshnekor!.
Our only consolation is that these plans are set for a few weeks in the future, hopefully ou ractions do not cause them to bring it forward.

Moving on with great caution, we open a door to find the bastard Tsuto and a dark skinned wizard woman, standing amidst a pile of scrolls and books!
We do not hesitate.
Mahd casts a spell and the room explodes in glittering colour.
I wonder how such a frankly pretty display could possibly help, but Tsuto is screaming to his companion- Lyrie, clutching his eyes blind!
We hold back for a moment but Mahd nods her bald head and we charge in.
Ignoring the wizard we focus on the half elf… He won’t escape again!
Obviously lovers, Lyrie desperately attempts to fend us off.
I call for them to surrender but despite their plight, they fight on.

Still flailing blind, I deal Tsuto a deadly overhand blow splitting his head open, collapsing into his lover’s arms, her name on his lips.
She turns her spells on me but Iomadae protects me and I end her life with a second blow from my Earthbreaker.

I say a prayer to Amekio for her brother, villain or not and I will tell her personally.

Laying the bodies aside we turn the room and over. No more clues to our mission, but there is a collection of scrolls and a number of useful items on the dead lovers that we recover. This has been quite an experience thus far but there is little no time to reflect now.

We pass on through a series of corridors and a multitude of closed doors.
This time we go straight for the largest most ominous looking pair.
Behind I can sense two, strong evil presences, perhaps a match for us! Nualia and the Bugbear no doubt!

No sneaking in, no negotiating.
Mhad bolsters Athene body and my weapon as we kick the doors open and rush in…

It is a huge hall with a steps leading up onto a platform where the reeks of evil is manifest in two clouds of dark mist above..
Perhaps I was wrong about who this is… And if these are not the masterminds, how strong will they be?!

Mahd sends up a cluster of lights up to no avail, triggering a terrible banshee howl.
I can feel its power but I stand strong.
As does Athene…
But not Mahd or Shae who flee in terror!

I still the fear in my own heart facing whatever horror awaits us alone and we both rush up to meet our fate headlong…

Out of the ceiling shadows, bounding on a trail of billowing smoke grey vapor come two huge, emaciated devil dogs.

A desperate battle ensues.
Without Mhad and Shae we are hard pressed.
They bound around us, biting and pulling us down with seeming impunity.
Howling their terrible howls their saliva tainted…
We stand firm.
Athene is brought near death but it is she that lands the killing blows.

As we stand in the dissipating mist our two elfkin return. , sheepish expressions on their faces…
Mahd looks up with a slightly sheepish expression and says ‘Yeth hounds’… Whatever that means…



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