Rise of The Runelords: Varisia's Angels

Knowledge is Power

Scribbles, Dreams and a New Adventure

Mahd decides to travel to the great library on Goldwing (a long journey) while we, Scribbler’s notes in hand, start asking around Sandpoint to see if any wiser locals than us can make sense of the riddle.

The Sheriff is as confused as us and whilst the historian Brodert is able to arrange the notes in the correct order, his library holds no answers to what they mean.
The well traveled Ameiko is another story, recognising XXXX

While we wait for Mahd’s return, we help recruit and train the dwindling Sandpoint Militia, and send special orders to Magnimar, purchasing and upgrading supplies for the journey, and battle ahead.

Mahd returns (a little saddle sore by the looks) with the information we need…

The* Xin-Xalast Runeforge* was a place of study, not for the Runelords but their agents. In fact, the place was built to repel Runelords, so as to ensure no one lord could influence the magical study within. It also has various enhancements that help sustain those studying within.

With Mahd back, our package from Magnimar arrived and the revival of the Militia underway, we decide to head out the following day. One final meal with Ameiko at our lodgings at the Rusty Dragon, a last moment to relax and not think about what’s ahead.

That night I have a vivid dream.
I am an acolyte in the temple.
Tomorrow I side east to a small town called Sandpoint.
These will be my final prayers before my training is complete…

I stand defiant, I will not be challenged in my temple like this…
But there is fear too… I try to reply but I can’t…
Her… Surely not, who IS this, WHAT is this?
I try to speak again but still I can’t…
I scream at the voice… and yet I can’t…
But then… a shining figure, the lady, Iomadae. She is calm, silent, she puts her fingers to her lips and gives me a wolfish grin.

I wake up… In the next room Mahd is saying something about water and rummaging through her room for something… a book I think?
The next morning it appears that we were not the only ones who had a restless night.
Mori looks tired, like she’s been fighting all night.
Athene keeps muttering ‘Justice’ when she thinks no one’s looking.

But breakfast is good, we four rally and emerge into the light of morning… Onto the Runeforge…



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