Rise of The Runelords: Varisia's Angels

Unto the Storm!

Ice Storms, Flight and Pusuit, A Dragon's Hoard.

The White Dragon perches on the statued head that opens to the caverns within, Mahd encircled with ice, Wynter still cowering, the Golems stand sentinel against those without the Sihedron medallion.

Mori says a prayer and we all take to flight.
Mahd appears beside us, teleporting out of her icicle prison.
Goldwing and ne of the Roc’s swoops in and savage the white wyrm.
Athene follows behind as the Roc is torn to shreds and as it was summoned, disappears. Goldwing too is severely injured and retreats.

The Dragon rumbles arcane words and the air is thick with a blizzard of ice.

We here it flap and take to flight, into the mouth of the great stone head and we follow.

The others close behind I fly, magically propelled after the ancient villain.
I cannot see more than a few feet in front if me, but f the Dragon still flies, then so can we.
Behind me, Athene grants be me a magical boon.
My extremities numb form the cold, ears ringing with the noise, I burst forth from the shell of ice like a butterfly form it’s cocoon and whip out a sunrod.

Still a flight, I hover at the beginning of a wide, winding cave system.
The others fly in behind as I feel the magical fear fade from Wynter outside and she comes running unseen.

Mori prays again and my vision opens it seems top all the wonders of the world. Shadows disappear, it is as if I can see everything.
I turn back to a determined group and hurtle headlong into the passages beyond after the Dragon!

Colliding with the stony walls in my haste we come upon a pair of sward wielding statues, one is an illusion! I really CAN see everything… Too late for Wynter I call out a false passage that leads fatally into a great crevasse below… too late that is if I could not summon her too my side, and I do!

Mori summons a gush of water which fills the path before us, showing the true lay of the land and then freezes- A trap! But we are bolstered against the cold by another of Mori’s divine gifts and we continue on.

We emerge into a huge chamber with a gaping chasm leading down into darkness.
Flying down on wing and magical force we land at the bottom of what would’ve have been a long and fatal fall.

The chamber is lined with portals leading on… but the plethora of choices before us are secondary to the treasure hoard that lays piled at our feet… dare I say a Dragon’s hoard!

But where… is the Dragon?!



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